Thursday, October 31, 2019

Upcoming Publications and Submission Opportunities

Pulp Modern 10th Anniversary Issues:

2021 marks the 10th Anniversary of the publication of the very first issue of Pulp Modern. To celebrate, we will have two themed issues in 2021. For the spring issue, we want stories that take place in 2011. Just imagine how much the world has changed in 10 short years! Give us your horror, crime, science fiction, fantasy, adventure, and yes, even westerns, that take place in the year 2011. Tentative submission window will be on April 1, 2021.

The second issue's theme will be 1981. 1981 was an incredible year for genre movies. It was THE year for slasher movies, of which chief editor Alec Cizak is a huge fan (hint hint). We want to see genre stories set in 1981. Fill 'em up with sex and violence and plenty of middle-fingers to the status quo. Tentative submission window will be on August 1, 2021 (a little earlier than usual--the hope is to get the issue out in time for Halloween).

Full Pulp Modern guidelines:

The Drifter Detective

In conjunction with Beat to a Pulp, we will be publishing a two-volume set containing every Drifter Detective novella ever written as well as a bonus, previously unpublished novelette. The character was created by David Cranmer, who also wrote one of the original novellas. Garnett Elliott wrote the majority of the novellas. The list of authors is rounded out by Wayne Dundee and Alec Cizak. Watch for this in early March, 2021.

Now There Was A Story!

An anthology of short stories based on the songs on the Johnny Cash album Now There Was a Song! The story need not follow the narrative of the song. If interested, send a proposal for a specific song on the album. Payment will be fifteen U.S. dollars and one contributor copy. Stories should be in the crime genre. We are not interested in mysteries. Just straight crime fiction. Word count: 3500-5000. Send proposals to: unclebpublications (at) gmail (dot) com. Please write Now There Proposal in the subject line.

NOTE: This anthology is currently filled

Military-Themed Anthology:

To be edited by Stephen J. Golds. More info to follow.

Uncle B. Publications is also interested in publishing unique genre novels. We are interested in crime (non-mysteries / police procedurals), horror (weird fiction), science fiction, high fantasy, and westerns. Basic terms: Writer will receive 75% of any gross profits a book earns. Looking for works in the 40,000 to 80,000 word range. Please send a synopsis of roughly a paragraph. We will be extremely selective in this matter, so please do not be discouraged if we pass on your proposal. Send proposals to uncebpublications (at) gmail (dot) come. Please write Novel Proposal in the subject line.

We are currently CLOSED to novel proposals.

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